Cloud Nine Herbal Smoke


Probably the most outstanding natural incense around the marketplace! With more repeat customers every day, This blend is our best selling and strongest potpourri and comes highly recommended by countless satisfied customers.

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This the original blend you have heard about. It is nothing short of amazing. It is visually appealing making this exotic potpourri one of the top choices for any potpourri connoisseur! Cloud 9 is composed of the most potent, sweet smelling, super relaxing constituents around!! Extremely satisfying and of the absolute highest quality.

Cloud 9 is a tranquil blend and has a soothing result because it contains St. John’s Wort. Cloud 9 creates a wonderful calming effect that produces meditative thought with a very slight numbing feeling.

Cloud 9 will have you feeling like your floating in a semi-daze, half sure of what the hell you were just thinking about, but still knowing that it was something deep and important! This has very sedate FX, which many customers have called a Valium-style type of feeling.